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Technical Expertise

  • PHP
    • Symfony2, Symfony1
    • Zend Framework1
    • CodeIgniter
  • Swift
    • UIKit, Foundation, etc
    • AsyncDisplayKit, PromiseKit, Alamofire, etc
  • Javascript
    • Require
    • Backbone
    • jQuery
    • MooTools
    • ExtJS
    • React
    • Angulr
    • Sencha Touch
  • Groovy / Java
    • Grails
    • Spring
    • Hibernate
Performance Strong experience in caching technologies including ESI (Akamai and Varnish), Memcached, APC and do performance testing with various load testing tools (jMeter, Siege, LoadUI)
Markup and Programming Languages PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Javascript, ORM, LessCSS, Groovy, Java, Swift, Obj-c
Cross Browser Compatibility Many years spent dealing with IE bugs and am able to create sophisticated CSS and XHTML that works equally well in all modern browsers and degrades gracefully in all old browsers.
Design Patterns MVC, OOP, Singleton, Registry, Prototype, Dependency Injection, Delegate, Event Driven
Systems OS X, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows
Other Node.js, Nginx, Varnish, AWS



PHP, OOP, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Functional Specification Document Creation

Database Technologies

MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, DQL, SQL Server, CoreData, Firebase, Parse


Excellent Communication skills (Both written and verbal), strong mentoring skills, taught many juniors with no knowledge

Work History

Throwr - Lead Engineer 12/2014 - Present

I worked closely with the CEO to manage and implement various projects for rural clients and our own internal apps.

  • Integrated Homekit (LIFX & hue lights, security shutters, air con) into CEOs house via custom Raspberry Pi bridge
  • iPad based Factory Management software that integrated with their CRM
  • Real time chat/Pokedex app for Pokemon Go (FindEmAll)
  • Cancer based Social Network (Cancerosity)
  • Yard fuel tracking system

Major Job Roles
  • Working with junior team to help mentor and teach good defensive coding practices
  • Work with CEO to brainstorm new ideas
  • Office & House automation
  • All AWS management
  • In-office server management
  • General counsel
  • Speaking with clients regarding any technical issues
Minor Job Roles
  • Reporting on personal progress of team members
  • Researching new technologies & projects
  • Office dog owner

Datazoos - Lead Engineer 2/2015 - Present

As the only engineer on this project, I Designed and implemented a large platform that integrates with NZ Government, Chinese Government and Australian Government to provide a range of personal data validation to companies including Veda, GB Group, Trulioo, Rabo Bank, HIFX and more. We currently validate over a thousand ID forms a day including Passport, ID Card, Bank Card, Citizenship, Birth Certificate, Drivers License, AML Watch lists, Terror Watch lists and more.

Major Job Roles
  • Design architecture for system
  • Implement range of data sources
  • Manage all AWS infrastructure using advanced nested CloudFormation stacks
  • Speak with clients to guide through integration process as required
  • Work with data providers to integrate new data sources as contracts are negotiated.
Minor Job Roles
  • General server maintenance
  • Set up IPSec VPNs for direct data exchanges
  • Reporting to stakeholders the progress of various data integrations and client integrations

The Iconic - Growth Hacker2/2014 - 5/2014

I worked with 3 other people on a small "swat team" that was tasked running experiments on UX and features. By utilising Optimizeley and pub testing our UI, we were able to increase conversion by 15%.

Major Job Roles
  • Brainstorming ideas around increasing conversion
  • Research around conversion tactics
  • Implementing ideas that our group had come up with
  • Develop new ideas to pitch to the business
Minor Job Roles
  • Generating detailed reports on success metrics
  • Pub testing/cafe new ideas in exchange for a free beer/coffee to get honest feedback

The Iconic - Senior Engineer10/2013 - 2/2014

My main projects at The Iconic included rebuilding the image architecture to introduce Thumbor, a FOSS dynamic image resizing server that allows for advanced image manipulation. This included shims for out of date mobile apps and integrating Thumbor with Rackspace Storage.

Major Job Roles
  • Develop core platform
  • Set up infrastructure for new components
  • Meet with infrastructure providers (Rackspace, AWS) to implement new technologies
Minor Job Roles
  • Front end Work
  • Progressively improve search engine matching/ranking algorithms by using existing search queries

Shoptiques - Senior Engineer12/12 - 8/2013

I helped developed the core platform for the Y Combinator backed, Shoptiques, over the course of a 9 month contract, 3 of which were spent in the New York office.

Major Job Roles
  • Architecture and development of custom e-commerce platform
  • Work with boutiques to increase stock turnover
  • Research, meet and negotiate with service providers that enabled us to move fast without developing non-core platform features
Minor Job Roles
  • Most front end work
  • ElasticSearch management
  • Implementing A-B tests
  • Office comedian

News Digital Media - Senior Engineer07/2011 - 12/2012

I manage a range of websites including sites which attract a large amount of traffic, I deal with lots of caching technologies to ensure that sites can handle millions of hits a month. I have lots of exposure to ESI, Memcached and legacy code. I have also recently been given the role of lead developer for an internal informative dashboard project which we aim to make open source.

Major Job Roles
  • Develop new components for existing large scale community websites
  • Integrate Akamai into existing websites
  • Meet with key stake holders and plan agile sprints
Minor Job Roles
  • Coordinate releases to a range of servers
  • Review and update existing code to meet security standards

HTSG - Senior Engineer09/2010 - 07/2011

I am a senior developer for our flagship education product, catering for over 500 clients. This system allows a school to manage all their students, marks, teachers and teaching plans.

Major Job Roles
  • Develop core architecture
  • Manage and train the junior developers
  • Manage our Git repository, this including setting up Gitorious, managing sub repositories as well as user / permission management
Minor Job Roles
  • Train staff members on how to use Symfony
  • Write code documentation (I wrote all the internal code documentation)
  • Conduct code reviews
  • Develop and enforce coding standards (This was done with PHPCS)

Solution 4 - Mid Senior Engineer06/2010 - 09/2010

I was a Mid Senior Website Developer working on multiple components for the Senro Application which will be the backbone of Aussie Home Loans mortgage broking business.

Major Job Roles
  • Develop application components to meet the expectations of Aussie Home Loans
  • Brainstorm new components and how they will be turned from a spec to a fully working component
Minor Job Roles
  • Participate in meetings with Aussie Home Loans and interpret their needs and develop components to meet requirements

Adams Marketing - Web Developer / Junior Designer 09/2009 - 06/2010

I am the Junior Designer and the Lead Web Developer for Adams Marketing.

Major Job Roles
  • Design websites from scratch to meet client brief
  • Develop websites to match client brief
  • Design print campaigns to meet client brief.
Minor Job Roles
  • General office tasks
  • Office Technical Support.

Hot Graphics - Web Development Manager 02/2009 - 09/2009

While working at Hot Graphics, I was the the Web Development Manager and was in charge of all client communication that related to the clients website.

Major Job Roles
  • Quote clients based on requested website features
  • Liaise with clients while their website is in the design / development stage
  • Develop client websites
  • Manage job queue.
Minor Job Roles
  • Office Technical Support.
  • Answer phone base client queries
  • General Office Duties.

Joyer Consulting - Web Developer 03/2008 - 02/2009

While working at Joyer, I was employed as a Trainee Website Developer and completed my Certificate IV in Information Technology - (Websites) (Design) With Distinction

Major Job Roles
  • Develop client websites.
Minor Job Roles
  • Answer phone calls
  • General Office Duties.


North Coast Institute Of TAFE 2008 - 2009

Certificate IV in Information Technology - (Websites) (Design) With Distinction

  • Completed With Distinction
  • Completed course after 4 months of work.

Australian Technical College (Newman College)2008 - 2008

Completed Year 11.

Camden Haven High School2007 - 2007

I completed my School Certificate via Distance Education while working as a freelance developer on the internet.


David Mann - Web Ninja